Different types of kisses each Millennials should know.

Most of the time, we do things just for the sake of it, we never really cared what they mean, wanna take you through on some of the things came across when was surfing online during my afternoon break, it all about how you elevate one’s soul using your lips, you don’t need a formula this ain’t mofo physics n never worry about that i gotchuu you covered.

1. The Forehead Kiss

A kiss on the forehead is a gentle expression of admiration. Usually it is a kiss of friendship or a starter kiss for something for romantic later.

11 types of kisses

2. Kiss on the Hand

This is when you grasp a persons hand with your fingers gently and kiss the back of the palm. It’s a chivalrous move and one that shows your admiration and passion for someone.

3. The French Kiss

The French Kiss involves plenty of tongue action and mastery.  It derives from passion, romance and desire so part of the trick is to just go with your emotions.

4. Single Lip Kiss

A subtle single lip kiss is where you suck and sandwich their lip between yours at the same time.

5 types of kisses

5. Earlobe Kiss

This all encompassing kiss is targeting an erogenous zone for most so it’s kind of a big deal.

6. Butterfly Kiss

When two people get so close to each others face while they kiss that their eyelashes connect. This kind of kiss and it’s intimate gesture is for those madly infatuated or in love with each other.

7. The Spiderman Kiss

Perhaps this sensual kiss was in the mix before Spiderman came out with the epic kiss scene. This s less risky when doing horizontally on the couch or bed and is a kiss of passion between lovers

8. The Lingering Kiss

A lingering kiss entails a lot of lip to lip kissing for long periods of time. It’s full of intense emotion and passion and is often reserved for new love.

9. The Cheek Kiss

A short peck on the cheek, often in combination with a hand on the arm or a half embrace. it’s meanings are dependent on where u are in the world. For some cultures, it’s a hello or goodbye.

10. Lizard Kiss

This is where the tongue rapidly goes in and out of the mouth in quick strokes. It’s a passionate kiss for lovers that are hot and heavy into each other.

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11. Kiss of an Angel

This is a gentle kiss on someone’s eyelids. A sweet gesture bet. two people that deeply love each other.

7 types of kisses

12. Seductive Kiss

This s where you bit an open mouth that’s much like a subtle French kiss (less tongue though). A kiss to win someone’s heart and seduce them. It will make anyone’s knees weak.

13. The Big Tease

You tease your partner while getting to explore their body with your lips starting from the forehead and making your way all the way down. One would say this is a very invested method of foreplay & dedicated to lovers.

14. The Eskimo Kiss

When two noses rub up against each other and move back and forth.

1 types of kisses

15. The Vampire Kiss

A deep sexy kiss on the neck that includes sucking & a bit of biting. For lovers in an intimate setting.

3 types of kisses

16. The Jaw Kiss

A kiss that is gentle and yet incredibly sensual as you kiss your partner’s jaw.

17. The Bite and Nibble

Subtle bites & nibbles on certain parts of a person’s facial features like nose, and a kiss on the neck. Deeply sensual kiss that is spontaneous bet. lovers and exudes intimacy & eroticism.

Now you know, go for that isssh, make your relationship beatiful as ART.

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