What do Ladies look for in a Man?

For a start my likes keep on changing everyday, I used to love serious man and intelligent  but came to see that they are boring  then I went to those who are charming and lovely who can keep my smile but agghh! nikawachoka (got tired) jumped to the cute guys, trust me being seen with a cute guys it is entertaining I loved it ,the attention other girls give like looking at you, admiring it’s so cool Ila jameni hawa vijana wazuri ni maplayers hatari (just some  random Swahili words).

Truly, what do we look for? the hot guys, the serious and hot guys, the charming guys, or the successful guys? Do we look for what is inside them, their pure heart or what is in the outside? Is it true love or pass of time?


I saw this post and I thought, when they give us all we want do we strive for more or give them back the same love?


Love so pure does not need category, it comes with no reason and it is not scheduled when to be felt, it does not need brains or too much thinking just your heart and no other games~ Scholar ME (Tygres)


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