Did you have to go away?

Do I have to write about this? Do I have to pour my emotions here? Tears Ain’t coming and my heart is in pain. Is it pain or fear that tomorrow might be me or someone more close to me? Did you have to go away?

It was just yesterday a friend told me to write everything that comes to my mind, it’s me writing something painful now. We aim to reach our dreams but what if they are cut short, what if I live not aiming for the dreams, will it change? Shall I leave a reckless life or not caring about what tomorrow can bring? Did you have to go away?

It was your time yes we all have ours but we were still on the journey fighting to see the beautiful future, having a family, children and success. It was not simple from all school punishments, the exams, in short the school life was hell itself but then what remains now is memories that we had you. Did you have to go away?

Beautiful human, pretty face, cute smile and them brains that is all left to be remembered. Once upon a time there was me, you, him or her. This life ain’t ours forever, we should live happily, fight for what we love, enjoy everyday and have no regrets because we gat no many choices as we think. Make it right Make it happen so you can get the strength when its time and say, “ I have to go away now”.

By No One


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