Acha Maneno weka Muziki!!! (Stop the talking play the music…)

Muziki a Swahili word for music. The song Muziki of a Tanzanian musician Darrasa have been a lit song for some time now strange thing is first time hearing it I was like it’s nothing to make a fuss of but damn it bangs man.

Why I have it in this post? The lyrics “Acha maneno weka Muziki” meaning stop talking put the music on,,  made me use the song for this post…. At times we should let the music do its magic fellas. ( see this Muziki’s parody below )

Driving lonely having thoughts mmm drop the stress man put on some lit music .

You and your babe have nothing to talk about for a moment yap those silent moments put some music on to put you guys in the mood .. You know what am saying. ( Enjoy the music with lyrics )

Meeting with friends catching up but some time every one is in his phone or her phone, someone has to put music on it will light up the situation.

You better get out from this post and go put some Music on to cheer up our day…


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