Sunday Sunrise

The beautiful Sunday Sunrise, what a wonderful day

The perfect day for family time

The perfect alone moment for busy people

The day where you can get time to drink your coffee while reading your book or watching your favorite tv show

Also let’s not forget it can be a cleaning day when our Tanzanian mom wake up with that energy

Though all this it’s not what everyone is experiencing, their others who are suffering from something, who have loose people, who are crying, who have lost faith and hope in everything, but…..

Every King was once a crying baby and every great building was once a map

It’s not important where you are today, but where you will reach tomorrow

And throughout your struggle for a good life, remember that the brightness of a new day comes after a great darkness of the night

Keep struggling your battle don’t loose hope, keep hustling and be happy.



Distant LoVe

The love you ever wanted, the love you ever dreamt of 

The love with too many complications but it is the love you’re holding on to

The love you wish to express but you have no idea where to start

The love you wish to have but truthfully it will never be yours

The love that makes you wake up everyday with hope and smile that today will be the day

The love that makes you get hurt because today is not the day either 

The love that let you stand as a friend and be cool with it

The love that has taught you a lesson and moved on

The love that brought you another love you never wished or dreamt of

It became the love build with honest, trust, faithfulness, care, respect and mostly true love and forever goals……

(you will never know when it’s there)



















What do Ladies look for in a Man?

For a start my likes keep on changing everyday, I used to love serious man and intelligent  but came to see that they are boring  then I went to those who are charming and lovely who can keep my smile but agghh! nikawachoka (got tired) jumped to the cute guys, trust me being seen with a cute guys it is entertaining I loved it ,the attention other girls give like looking at you, admiring it’s so cool Ila jameni hawa vijana wazuri ni maplayers hatari (just some  random Swahili words).

Truly, what do we look for? the hot guys, the serious and hot guys, the charming guys, or the successful guys? Do we look for what is inside them, their pure heart or what is in the outside? Is it true love or pass of time?


I saw this post and I thought, when they give us all we want do we strive for more or give them back the same love?


Love so pure does not need category, it comes with no reason and it is not scheduled when to be felt, it does not need brains or too much thinking just your heart and no other games~ Scholar ME (Tygres)

Did you have to go away?

Do I have to write about this? Do I have to pour my emotions here? Tears Ain’t coming and my heart is in pain. Is it pain or fear that tomorrow might be me or someone more close to me? Did you have to go away?

It was just yesterday a friend told me to write everything that comes to my mind, it’s me writing something painful now. We aim to reach our dreams but what if they are cut short, what if I live not aiming for the dreams, will it change? Shall I leave a reckless life or not caring about what tomorrow can bring? Did you have to go away?

It was your time yes we all have ours but we were still on the journey fighting to see the beautiful future, having a family, children and success. It was not simple from all school punishments, the exams, in short the school life was hell itself but then what remains now is memories that we had you. Did you have to go away?

Beautiful human, pretty face, cute smile and them brains that is all left to be remembered. Once upon a time there was me, you, him or her. This life ain’t ours forever, we should live happily, fight for what we love, enjoy everyday and have no regrets because we gat no many choices as we think. Make it right Make it happen so you can get the strength when its time and say, “ I have to go away now”.

By No One

Acha Maneno weka Muziki!!! (Stop the talking play the music…)

Muziki a Swahili word for music. The song Muziki of a Tanzanian musician Darrasa have been a lit song for some time now strange thing is first time hearing it I was like it’s nothing to make a fuss of but damn it bangs man.

Why I have it in this post? The lyrics “Acha maneno weka Muziki” meaning stop talking put the music on,,  made me use the song for this post…. At times we should let the music do its magic fellas. ( see this Muziki’s parody below )

Driving lonely having thoughts mmm drop the stress man put on some lit music .

You and your babe have nothing to talk about for a moment yap those silent moments put some music on to put you guys in the mood .. You know what am saying. ( Enjoy the music with lyrics )

Meeting with friends catching up but some time every one is in his phone or her phone, someone has to put music on it will light up the situation.

You better get out from this post and go put some Music on to cheer up our day…

Soshomidia is BAE

Did I just say soshomidia is bae?

Yes, damn right I did, whats up on those ends wherever your reading this, its chill Sunday, a lot to do and nothing so chill about this day… most of you are on soshomidia( is this a Swahili word for social media? tell me ) or just a phonetical beat of it idk?

Ooouuuuuuuh!! wanna find why word “bae” is this blogpost?

If you ask me, yes you didn’t ask but I will tell you anyway between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, snapchat and all social networks Twitter is my most preferred platform were would spend my 60% of my free time, Tweeting my gawddamn thoughts, Retweeting some interesting stuff and ofcoz laughing at people who just won an L, trust me it’s so much fun but don’t play you get trolled…

But thats what wanted to share with you coz prolly know what went down on Twitter always has a way to dive through IG and Fb even in blogs like what tryna do with you… yes you.

There a Tweep I admire, based on what he always shares on those 140 characters, I find every tweet has a value in my life, never know why probably issa spiritual leader, seems to see beyond divine nature, what man desire and how everything rotates around human being.

He’s a person I go to when I need inspirations to write, whenever I read his tweet always get another idea based on his tweet, his name is Mufti Ismail Menk of Zimbabwe @muftimenk.

I read that Jana ( Swahili word for yesterday ) what I got from that people tend to think they know you based on tweet, picture they post online matter of fact, online life is all illusions and we make a lot imagination about others truth is people are struggling in real life just like how you are, never judge a person based on what you see on social media.

What Imam says, you are who you are never compare yourself with anyone everyone is unique in his/her way, be yourself, you have so much power in you never underestimate that.

I know someone, yes I know you, whatever happens to you post it on Fb, IG but you never really had balls to talk it out loud, this is bad because it will eat you up inside. be open talk about it will help put your mind at easy.

One thing I can tell you Imperfection is sexy.

Most of us fail to express our-selves in 140 characters, but its amazing what you/others can learn from those limited 140 characters, my point is lets use social media to inspire others, let your thought(s) be enlightenment for others, be the voice to others, most people can’t put their imagination pamoja (together) help them to see that in your post(s).

Tell me who inspires your online life? what pages do you follow? tell me

Remember sharing is caring ): you know what to do. Ciao


It’s me Digi Digi


Having Bad Mornings..

Those days were our mornings can just ruin our whole day. Yeah those days, had one today and it made me write this post because I can’t think of anything else rather than my day is already ruined and my mood is upset, things ain’t going right bla bla bla!

So guys what do you do when you having badmorning, what things can change our day, what should we do to change our mind into something productive and overcoming ruining our plans for the day.

Comment down below and we are open for discussion…